Industrial Scanning & Machine Vision Solutions to Elevate Industrial Automation Performance

As demands rise, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and logistics companies are finding that traditional processes no longer meet the mark. How can you keep up? BEHCO is proud to be a Zebra Industrial Automation Partner, bringing you industrial scanning and machine vision solutions to help accelerate throughput and boost accuracy.

Zebra’s fixed scanning and machine vision solutions come in a variety of sizes and specifications to enable customized solutions that feature proven decode performance, upgradable hardware, and a single, unified software platform that brings a new level of simplicity and user experience to controlling enterprise-wide manufacturing and logistics automation.

The Zebra Portfolio - Now Available at BEHCO

As a Zebra Industrial Automation Partner, BEHCO brings you this modern, flexible portfolio to enhance track and trace precision, push quality to new heights, and simplify automation management. The FS10, FS20, FS40 and FS70 Fixed Scanning products are quick and compact, easily integrated, and fully customizable.The Machine Vision products – VS20, VS40 and VS70 – are easy to integrate with an all-in-one feature set, and can be fully customized with a complete set of lighting accessories. All of the products are powered by Zebra’s Aurora software, making programming easy from a single platform.

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