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BEHCO is a company that has extensive expertise in addressing the constantly changing requirements of automation. We believe that every application is unique, and therefore, we approach each one with a mindset of delivering a valuable and customized solution. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of areas, including pneumatic, hydraulic, motion control, and robotic applications. We understand that identifying opportunities and overcoming challenges in these fields requires a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in each application. As such, we strive to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services that can address their needs, from system design and integration to maintenance and support. With our team's expertise and a focus on customized solutions, we are confident that we can deliver optimal results for our clients.

Pneumatics machines

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What Type of Custom Engineered Systems and Services Does BEHCO Offer? 

Industrial Hydraulics & Lubrication 

  • Hydraulic Power Units and Systems 
  • Electro-hydraulic Controls for Force and Positioning Systems 
  • Manifold Assemblies and Integrated Circuits 
  • Hydraulic Drives and Transmissions 
  • Filtration Packages and Systems 
  • Circulation, Centralized, and Automatic Lubrication Systems 
  • Fluid Dispensing Systems 

Motion Control & Automation 

  • Motion Control Packages and Systems 
  • Gantries
  • Software and Programming
  • Component Kitting

Mobile Products 

  • Integrated Hydraulic Circuits and Manifolds 
  • DC Motor and Diesel Engine Driven Hydraulic Power Packs 
  • Gear Box and Hydraulic Motor Assemblies 
  • Pneumatic Control Packages 
  • Hydraulic Fan Drive Systems and Controls 
  • Custom Hydraulic Cylinders with Embedded Position Sensors 

Pneumatics & Fluid Control 

  • Electro-pneumatic Panels and Assemblies 
  • Air Logic Control Systems 
  • Valve/Actuator Assemblies 
  • Custom Valve Manifolds 
  • Air Preparation Assemblies 
  • Component Kitting 
Pneumatics machines

Why Choose BEHCO for Your Custom Engineered Systems?

BEHCO has been a leading full-service distributor in the pneumatic, hydraulic, lubrication, motion control, and automation industry since its inception in 1964. We take pride in offering in-house engineering and value-add manufacturing capabilities to our customers. Our aim is to be a value-added partner to our clients, providing them with customized engineered solutions and high-quality components to suit their needs. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and offer cutting-edge systems to our clients. We are dedicated to delivering unrivaled service, support, and engineering expertise to our customers, whether they require basic component sales or complex custom-designed solutions.

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