Industrial/Mobile Hydraulics Systems & Lubrication

Looking for the most reliable industrial mobile hydraulic systems and lubrication available? That is exactly what BEHCO brings to the table. Our compact, robust, and absolute rated systems will help you meet challenging requirements without having to compromise. Our highly trained technicians and quality mindset ensure a quick turnaround time and help you stand with the best in your industry. Furthermore, our design guarantees superior heat and shock reduction, as well as low leakage – making sure your system works at maximum efficiency.

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Why Choose BEHCO for Your Hydraulic Systems & Lubrication Needs?

BEHCO has over 50 years of expertise in the design and fabrication of customized fluid systems with integrated control solutions. Integrating controls are a preferred and economical option, as it allows us to assess the whole design and lowers operational expenditure and installation costs for our customers. Our experienced sales personnel, coupled with a committed Product Manager for each of our product categories, will be able to provide the optimal solution and delivery for your needs. Our excellence is further bolstered by a bustling engineering team that provides additional value-added systems and electrical control panel designs, and our successful inside sales teams who can immediately attend to all customer demands.

Featured Manufacturers

Hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic & Lubrication Systems that BEHCO Offers:

  • Hydraulic Systems of any Configuration or Size
  • Hydraulic Test Systems with Precision Pressure and Temperature Control 
  • Fluid Fill Systems
  • Variable Speed Hydraulic systems
  • Custom Hot/Cold Atmospheric Chambers 
  • Non-API Recirculation Lube Oil Systems 
  • In-Line and Offline Custom Filtration systems
  • Chip Management Systems for Machining
  • Filter Bed Coolant Systems for Machining and Grinding
  • Custom Hydraulic manifolds 
  • Hydraulic Accumulator Stands
  • Custom Electrical Control Panels

BEHCO Partners & Comprehensive Solutions

BEHCO strives to offer cost-effective, efficient control solutions by partnering with esteemed First Class Channel Partners, such as Oilger, Hydraforce screw-in cartridge valves, Atos Directional Valves, HAWE Hydraulics, Peninsular NFPA Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders, MP Filtri Filtration Solutions, and Graco "at point" lubrication solutions. Our custom fluid systems are constructed to meet clients’ specific needs within their GPM and PSI limits, from (1) GPM to (300) GPM and a range in pressure of 50 PSI to 10,000 PSI. With our comprehensive testing and expert engineering, we are proud to be considered a leader in offering comprehensive, competitive, high-grade solutions to the marketplace.

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