Zebra Brings Proven Track and Trace Technology to the BEHCO Lineup

BEHCO is excited to announce their new partnership with Zebra, the global leader in data capture, mobile computing, real-time location systems, and other essential technologies. Zebra’s innovative products and solutions are used in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, public sector, and other industries all around the world.

The key reason that BEHCO has decided to work closely with Zebra is the way that their portfolio complements our product lineup. They specialize in technology that connects workers to essential data, optimizes workflows, and helps businesses make better decisions in real time. With their lineup of high-performance barcode scanners, rugged computers and tablets, specialty printers and supplies, RFID technology, and much more, it’s safe to say that Zebra covers a lot of bases that will enable us to deliver an even broader array of integrated automation and material handling solutions.

Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision (FIS/MV)

One of the most important capabilities that our new Zebra partnership offers is an impressive lineup of Fixed Industrial Scanning (FIS) and Machine Vision (MV) with Smart Camera solutions. From fixed scanners that automate product tracking in a warehouse, to sophisticated machine vision solutions that streamline product inspection in a manufacturing operation, Zebra’s FIS/MV portfolio represents a tremendous leap forward in solution simplicity and makes automated data and image capture accessible to virtually any operation.

At BEHCO, we think there are three critical factors that sets Zebra’s FIS/MV portfolio apart from other solutions. The first is the overall simplicity and ease-of-use that Zebra has built into their FIS/MV portfolio. This is driven by a new software platform, Zebra Aurora, which is a single, unified software tool that makes it easy to set up, deploy, and manage any scanner or smart camera application.

In the past, many potential users of fixed scanning and smart camera applications have been scared away by overly complex systems and high overhead requirements. But Zebra’s approach has radically altered that equation. Now, with Aurora, there’s a very short learning curve, and it’s easy to configure even advanced image capture tools right out of the box.The second thing that makes us so excited to work with Zebra is simply that they’ve been at the forefront of barcoding, RFID, and real-time location systems for decades. Their industry-leading data capture technology has helped make them the global leader in barcode scanning and enterprise mobile computers. Simply put, Zebra Technologies is the leader at data and image capture in industrial applications.
When it came to FIS/MV tools, Zebra applied decades of process automation experience to combine state-of-the-art hardware with Zebra-only imaging features that bring a new level of performance to manufacturing and logistics automation solutions. The imaging tools built into every Zebra solution make it easy to capture high-quality images or scan data under practically any conditions, and they give you the ability to analyze images, identify detailed patterns with smart algorithms, or quickly identify defects.

Easy scalability with a simple upgrade path is another key benefit we think our customer’s will appreciate as they explore Zebra’s FIS/MV portfolio. The entire lineup runs on a single software platform that offers a built-in upgrade path from simple scanning capabilities to advanced machine vision processes. That means plant managers can right-size their scanning and machine vision solution to get the tools they need today without having to pay for extra features they don’t need, while still allowing for upgrades as requirements evolve.

This level of flexibility significantly reduces deployment and integration complexity and makes it easy for small- and mid-sized businesses to adapt as requirements evolve. Today, they may need to capture 1D/2D barcodes at a slow speed, but in the future, they may need to use Direct Part Marks (DPM), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), or machine vision tools for inspections. With Zebra, they’ll be able to handle those changes with a simple upgrade to a software license—no rip and replace or hardware upgrades required.BEHCO has been delivering innovative solutions to the robotic automation industry for more than 50 years. Today, we’re very excited to show you how our new partnership with Zebra will help us deliver even more powerful solutions that leverage the convergence of advanced data and image capture technologies. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this exciting partnership.

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