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Alwitco Logo ALLIED WITAN CO. – High flow pneumatic mufflers. Sintered bronze silencers and breather vents.
BARKSDALE, INC. – Pressure and temperature switches. Pressure transducers. Directional control valves.
EDCO – Vacuum pumps. Suction cups. End effector tooling. Filters, fittings and vacuum accessories.
FLAIRLINE – Round line, repairable cylinders. NFPA/JIC tie-rod cylinders. Stainless steel actuators. Special actuators. Flow controls and check valves. Boretti mufflers
HERION div. of NORGREN – Directional and proportional control valves. Fluid control and process valves. Press safety valves and systems.
HUMPHREY PRODUCTS – Directional and proportional valves for pressure and vacuum. Fluid control and isolation valves. Manual and Mechanical valves. Quick exhaust valves. Non-repairable, round line pneumatic cylinders. Engineered custom solutions. ISO 13485 registered for medical devices.
KIP – Pneumatic and fluid control valves. Level and pressure switches. Custom valves and manifolds.
 Koganei Logo 150x40 KOGANEI – Pneumatic directional controls and actuators.  Air preparation and water removal components.  Media isolation and dispensing valves.  Shock absorbers. Electric actuators. Static electricity removal devices.
MARSH-BELLOFRAM Precision regulators. I/P and E/P electro-pneumatic regulators. Diaphragm cylinders.
MONNIER, INC. – Heavy-duty filters, regulators and lubricators. Custom pneumatic solutions. Air-oil reservoirs.
NORGREN – Air Line Division – Compressed air line equipment. Filters, regulators and lubricators. Air dryers and accessories. Electro-pneumatic regulators.
NORGREN – Actuator Division NFPA/JIC cylinders in aluminum, steel and stainless steel construction. Rodless cylinders and rotary actuators. Compact cylinders. Round line non-repairable cylinders. Air-oil tanks and accessories. Custom actuators.
NORGREN – Fittings and Accessories – “Push-in”, DOT and function fittings in inch and metric sizes. Pneumatic accessories.
NORGEN – Valve Division – Air control and directional valves. In-line, manifold and stackable configurations. Solenoid, proportional, mechanical and pilot operated. ISO and high flow poppet versions. Lock-out valves.
SCHUNK – Automation Components. High precision grippers. Rotary and linear actuators. Modular assembly and “pick & place” systems.
SHEFFER CORP. – Heavy-duty NFPA/JIC cylinders. Positioning cylinders. Custom and special designs.
TOLOMATIC – Rodless cylinders, cable and band construction. Slides and actuators. Pneumatic brakes and clutches.
BIMBA | TRD – Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators (NFPA), Aluminum Actuators, Steel Actuators, Stainless Steel Actuators, Round Threaded Stainless Steel, Multi-Position and Telescoping Actuators, Multi-Force Actuators, Triple Rod Actuators, Position Sensing, Boosters, Pneumatic ISO 15552 Actuators (Metric), Custom Solutions and Complete Integrated Systems.

Air/Oil Tanks – Provide for hydraulic type cylinder control from shop air pressure. These systems can provide for the smoothness and rigidity of a hydraulic system at low pressure.

Air Preparation – Filters, regulators & lubricators and dryers. Both modular and in-line products are designed to clean, dry, lubricate and regulate compressed air systems to provide longer life and improved performance of pneumatic components.

Actuators – Pneumatic linear and rotary actuators provide force and movement for a wide variety of automation applications. A significant variety of size and configurations insure all of your motion and force control requirements are met.

Electro-Pneumatic Control Products – Proportional control of pneumatic pressures and flows from a variable electrical input.

Fittings and Connectors – Pneumatic fittings and connectors in push-in and barb configurations for flexible pneumatic tubing. D.O.T. style fittings for transportation applications.

Grippers – Pneumatic grippers provide the ability to “pick and place” material in any automation application. Angular and parallel designs offer flexibility of design and application.

Sensors & Switches – Provide a discreet or proportional electrical signal in relation to the conditioned being monitored in pressure, temperature, flow and level applications.

Shock Absorbers – Provides shock reduction and can increase cycle speeds in pneumatic actuator and other motion control applications.

Silencers & Mufflers – Products designed to control the dissipation of noise in the exhausting of compressed air.

Valves, Directional & Flow Control – Solenoid, mechanical/manual and pilot operated valves provide for the control of direction and flow of compressed air. Available in manifold and in-line configurations.

Valves, Fluid Control – Solenoid, mechanical/manual and pilot operated valves provide for the control of direction and flow of low pressure fluids and inert gases. Available in manifold, in-line configurations and custom designs.

Vacuum Products – Provides for the generation of vacuum from a compressed air source for “pick and place” and material handling applications. Includes pumps & vacuum generators, cups and accessories.

Accessories – Products required to support and complete a pneumatic system including flexible tubing, gauges, ball valves, check valves, automatic drains, air fuses, quick exhausts, pressure indicators and logic components.


Schunk PGN-plus Gripper

For maximum precision!
The SCHUNK PGN-plus Gripper, unique with multi-tooth Guidance

With technological perfection, unique precision due to multi-tooth guidance and universal application capabilities, the SCHUNK 2-finger parallel gripper PGN-plus is in a class of its own.  Worldwide it is a synonym for reliable, high-precision gripping in customized automation processes.  Its diverse options for special applications, its optimally graduated sizes and high gripping forces make it the ideal solution for all applications.  The SCHUNK PGN-plus is the result of 30 years of SCHUNK competence in gripping systems