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beckhoff BECKHOFF – Industrial PCs, I/O and Fieldbus Components, Drive Technology and automation software. Products that can be used as separate components or integrated into a complete and seamless control system are available for all industries.
DELTA TAU – Machine and Motion Controllers, Modular Rack Systems, Integrated Controller-Amplifiers, MACRO Ring Products, Amplifiers, Software, CNC Products and accessories.
GAM – Gear Reducers, Servo Cpuplings, Linear Mounting Kits, and other innovative products used in automation technology.
kollmorgen_logo_150 KOLLMORGEN – Motion systems and components for original equipment manufacturers.  Automation Platforms, Motors, Drives, Linear Motion Systems, Gearheads.
ANIMATICS – High performance servo motor systems with integrated servo motor, encoder, amplifier and controller.
BAUMER, INC. – Encoders and measuring devices. Proximity, photo-electric and ultrasonic sensors.
DELTA COMPUTER SYSTEMS – Stand alone and field bus motion controllers. Designed for electro-hydraulic, electro-pneumatic and electro-mechanical position, force and velocity control systems. Single and multi-axis configurations.
EATON CORP. – Control and automation equipment including contactors, starters, variable speed drives, photoelectric and proximity sensors, circuit breakers and push-buttons. Includes the Cutler-Hammer and Moeller product lines.
E-DRIVE – Electro-mechanical linear precision actuators. Designed for replacement of fluid power cylinders in heavy duty applications.
ENCODER PRODUCTS COMPANY – Incremental and absolute encoders for shaft, hollow bore and thru-bore industrial applications.
NIDEC – CONTROL TECHNIQUES – AC and DC variable speed drives, servo motors, amplifiers and controllers. Soft starters.
GALIL – Complete line of motion controllers includes single and multi-axis; busbased and stand-alone; and box-level and card-level controllers.
GE INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS – Programmable logic controllers, remote I/O, operator interface panels, digital servo control products and SCADA software.
MTS TEMPOSONICS – Magnetostrictive transducers for high-precision position, velocity and liquid level applications.
MURRELEKTRONIK – Power supplies, I/O and cordsets for valves and sensors. Fieldbus I/O blocks and field wireable devices.
NEXEN – Precision motion control and power transmission components. Linear and rotary systems & brakes and clutches. Unique roller pinion and rack system for high precision applications.
PALETTI – Gantry systems. Aluminum extruded products and structures. Belt drive and ball screw actuators.
R+W – Precision zero-backlash couplings. Line shafts and torque limiters
schneider-electric SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC – Lexium MDrive Stepper Motors with Integrated drive, controller and encoder.  Linear Actuators, Stepper Motors.
SCHUNK – Automation Components. High precision grippers. Rotary and linear actuators. Modular assembly and “pick & place” systems. HSB Automation’s linear slides, tables and gantry systems.
SMAC – High dynamic electric linear actuators with position and force feedback. Slides and grippers.
TOLOMATICElectric Actuators, Electric Cylinders, Linear Servo Actuators, and Belt Driven Actuators.
UNITRONICS – PLC and HMI in one unit. Text or graphic, monochrome or color with a wide variety of discrete and analog I/O.
WITTENSTEIN/ALPHA – Precision gear reducers and mechanical systems. Low backlash gear reducers for servo applications.
new-logo-yai-2015 YASKAWA – High performance Servo Motors, Drives, IEC Machine Controllers, and I/O (VIPA).  Direct Drive Motors and Linear Servo Motors.
DANFOSS – Danfoss is the world leader in dedicated drives. Drives are our business, our focus. Danfoss is independent of motor manufacturers and adapts to any motor technology.
LINTECH – Screw Driven Linear Slides, Belt Driven Linear Actuators, Rotary Positioning Tables, Ball Screw Assemblies, Precision Linear Shafting, Shaft Assemblies, Shaft Supports, Linear Bearings (Profile Rail), Linear Bearings (Round Rail), Pillow Blocks, and Carriage Assemblies.
MOLEX (SST) – Electronic components and solutions.
TR Encoder – Encoders, Positioning Systems, Sensors, Machine and Vision Lighting and accessories.
TRI-TRONICS – Photoelectric & Ultrasonic sensors, fiber-optic light guides and rotary encoders for industrial automation and motion feedback control.
APEX DYNAMICS – In line planetary gearboxes, right angle gearboxes, and spiral bevel right angle gearboxes.

Actuators – Electro-mechanical linear actuators provide for precise position and force control. Available in roll screw, ball screw, belt drive and voice coil configurations. A significant variety of size and configurations insure all of your motion control requirements are met.

CONNECTIVITY – Provide connection and distribution for wiring of field devices, both analog and discrete, on a machine. Components include cordsets, distribution blocks, valve & sensor connectors, M8 & M12 connectors for both fieldbus and passive applications.

COUPLINGS – Servo grade couplings to connect your load to either a gearbox or directly to a servo motor for precision alignment. In addition to couplings, products include torque limiters and line shafts.

DRIVES – Variable frequency drives provide for the control of AC induction and DC motors. Applications range from simple speed regulation to sophisticated open and closed loop applications for speed and position control.

ENCODERS – Provide position and velocity feedback in motion control applications. Can be both rotary and linear. High speed encoders provide for accurate position sensing and are used as feedback devices in closed loop applications.

FIELD I/O – Provides simplification of wiring schemes and increased machine capability and communications. Mounted either in the panel or on the machine and with many network interface options, field I/O are now part of any modern machine or process.

GANTRY SYSTEMS – Provide the mechanical frame work for material handling, “pick & place” and other motion control applications. Incorporates aluminum extruded frame, slides & tables, and associated mechanical components.

GEARBOXES – Planetary gearboxes provide the ability to increase torque while reducing rotational speed. Servo grade gearboxes maintain a high level of efficiency with minimal backlash.

MOTOR CONTROL – Products like motor starters, disconnects and circuit breakers insure that critical electrical components such as motors are protected and utilized efficiently.

PANEL PRODUCTS – Products that provide electrical control and safety in any electric panel such as relays, timers, push-buttons, disconnects, circuit breakers, stacklights, power supplies, terminal blocks and load sensing devices.

PLC & HMI/PLC – Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are microprocessor based devices used to control industrial processes and machines. Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)/PLC include the operator interface along with the PLC functions.

SENSORS & SWITCHES – Provide for monitoring of position, part presence, pressure, temperature, level and distance. Provide a discreet or proportional electrical signal in relation to the conditioned being monitored. Examples are proximity switches, photoelectric switches, ultrasonic switches, pressure transducers, level switches and mechanical limit switches.

SERVO MOTORS – Provide for high precision rotary and linear positioning in a wide range of sizes. Includes digital amplifiers and motion controllers.

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