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ATOS – Hydraulic directional and pressure control valves. Proportional and electro-hydraulic controls.  Hydraulic vane pumps.
BARKSDALE, INC. – Pressure, level and temperature switches. Pressure transducers. Directional control valves.
DENISON HYDRAULICS Hydraulic pumps and motors in both vane and piston design. Directional, flow and pressure control valves. Fan drive motors and systems.
GRACO/TRABON Automatic and manual lubrication components and systems; including series progressive, single line injector and orifice control systems. Lubrication pumps, system controllers and displacement valves.
CONCENTRIC/HALDEX/JOHN S. BARNES – Hydraulic gear pumps and motors. AC and DC power packs. Flow dividers.
HYDRAFORCE, INC. Hydraulic screw-in cartridge valves. In-line and manifold configuration. Custom integrated manifolds. Proportional controls and electronics.
kawasaki_logo KAWASAKI – Hydraulic piston pumps and motors for mobile and marine applications.  STAFFA high-torque radial piston motors.  Hydrostatic drives and transmissions.  Directional and remote control valves.
MARZOCCHI – Hydraulic gear pumps and motors. ELIKA helical gear pump for low noise and variable speed applications.  Accessory valves.
MP FILTRI High, medium and low pressure hydraulic filters. Interchange elements. Suction strainers and reservoir accessories. Fluid contamination monitoring and measuring equipment.
M+S HYDRAULIC Gerotor and orbital style hydraulic motors. Hydraulic disc brakes. Valves and accessories.
MTS TEMPOSONICS – Linear position transducers using magnetostrictive technology.  Integrated into hydraulic cylinder or externally mounted.
MURR ELEKTRONIK – Connectors for valves ans switches in DIN and Deutsch configuration.  I/O, cordsets and distribution blocks.  Power supplies.
OILGEAR CO. Hydraulic piston pumps and motors.  Custom hydraulic cylinders.  Custom hydraulic valves and controls.
OLAER Bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators and accessories. Screw pumps. Air to oil and water to oil heat exchangers.
PERMCO – Hydraulic pumps and motors in both gear and vane design.
RR USA – Gear boxes in planetary and helical designs. Wheel and track drives. Hydraulic brakes and systems.
VONBERG VALVE, INC. Hydraulic cartridge and in-line valves. Pressure control valves, flow control and limiting valves and check valves. Custom valves and manifolds.
Accumulators – Provide for the storage of hydraulic fluid under pressure to augment hydraulic system flow and reduce shock. Types include bladder, piston and diaphragm.

Cylinders – Provide linear movement and force in hydraulic systems. A significant variety of size and configurations insure all of your motion and force control needs are met.

Electronics & Controllers – Valve drivers and motion controllers provide the interface between the electro-hydraulic valve and the machine.

Filters – Hydraulic filters provide for the removal and control of contaminates in a hydraulic system. Filters can be located on the pressure, return or suction lines of a hydraulic system and come in a significant variety of sizes, mounting configurations and filtration levels.

Heat Exchangers – Provide for the removal of heat in a hydraulic system. The heat exchangers can either be air cooled or water cooled.

Lubrication Equipment – Centralized lubrication equipment supply oil or grease to individual bearings and lubrication points on a machine. Equipment and systems include pumps, injectors, distribution blocks, and valves.

Power Packs – Complete hydraulic power packs including pump, reservoir, motor and valving.  In standard and custom configurations with AC or DC motors or diesel engines as the prime mover.

Pumps – Hydraulic pumps provide fluid flow in a hydraulic system and resistance to that flow generates pressure. Types of hydraulic pumps include gear, piston, vane and air-driven. Many different sizes and configurations are available to match the exact requirements of the hydraulic system.

Motors – Hydraulic motors provide rotary motion and torque in a hydraulic system. Types of hydraulic motors include gear, gerotor, piston and vane. Different sizes and configurations allow for many speed and torque combinations.

Sensors & Switches – Provide a discreet or proportional electrical signal in relation to the conditioned being monitored in pressure, temperature, flow, position and level applications.

Valves, Directional & Flow Control – Solenoid, mechanical/manual and pilot operated valves provide for the control of direction and flow of hydraulic fluid. Available in cartridge, manifold and sub-plate mount, sandwich and in-line configurations.

Valves, Electro-Hydraulic Control – Proportional control of hydraulic pressure, direction and flow from a variable electrical input. Includes high performance valves with integral electronics. Available in cartridge, manifold and sub-plate mount, sandwich and in-line configurations.

Valves, Pressure Control – Mechanical and solenoid operated valves provide for the control of pressure in a hydraulic system. Configurations include relief, sequence, unloading and reducing valves. Available in cartridge, manifold and sub-plate mount, sandwich and in-line configurations.

Accessories – Products required to support and complete a hydraulic system including gauges, ball valves, check valves, velocity fuses, reservoirs, sub-plates and manifolds, flanges and test points.

HydraForce ECDR-0506A

Create sophisticated control logic without coding.

HydraForce‘s new ECDR-0506A Electronic Configurable Valve Driver.

Download the PDF bulletin here.