Pneumatics & Fluid Control

  • Electro-pneumatic panels and assemblies
  • Air logic control systems
  • Valve/Actuator assemblies
  • Custom valves and controls
  • Air preparation assemblies
  • Component kitting

Industrial Hydraulics & Lubrication

  • Hydraulic power units and systems
  • Electro-hydraulic controls and force and positioning systems
  • Manifold assemblies and integrated circuits
  • Hydraulic drives and transmissions
  • Filtration packages and systems
  • Centralized and automatic lubrication systems
  • Material dispensing systems

Motion Control & Automation

  • Motion control packages and systems
  • Control panels, UL listed panel shop
  • Gantries
  • Software and programming
  • Component kitting

Mobile Products

  • Integrated hydraulic circuits and manifolds
  • DC motor and diesel engine driven hydraulic power packs
  • Gear box and hydraulic motor assemblies
  • Pneumatic control packages
  • Hydraulic fan drive systems and controls
  • Custom hydraulic cylinders with embedded position sensors